bitter_astrid (bitter_astrid) wrote in possiblyfriends,

my first post here

Title: For Reasons Unknown
Pairing: Laughton/Troy
Rating: PG13 for drug use, some language probably, and homosexy situations oh noes!
Notes: I kind of tried to smash the Exit 57 sketch into the SWC universe. Basically, starts with Laughton and Troy as teenagers like in Exit 57, but attending Flat Point high and with the assumption that they will eventually grow into dysfunctional orderlies. I was going to cover a larger space of time but hit about 5000 words and decided I'd done enough. If enough people don't hate this I'll write a sexual containing orderly mansex because I feel bad I didn't manage to incorporate hot ass thumping etc.
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em or I'd be doing something more constructive with my life.

fake cut here
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